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Allows people to organize class notes pics for their classes. Made for #tamuhack2019

Won “best use of Google Cloud Plaform” award at Tamuhack 2019!

Developers (see below for more info): George Thayamkery, Ansh Jain, Justin Lui, Annie Paul, and Piyush Mewada


Often when I open my photo gallery on my phone, I am shocked to find how many pictures are just of powerpoints and homework assignments. In the moment those photos are deemed as necessary, but when you want to just find some memories they become a huge hinderence.

The situation above is what inspired us to create noted, an app that was a camera specifically for class notes and reminders. On top of keeping note pictures away from the photo gallery, noted was designed to have features that make taking pictures of notes better. How? Taken photos will be automatically filed away to correct tags based on time of day, and photos will be transcribed using Google’s Cloud Vision API allowing for the ability to search for text found in your note pictures.

What it does

The app is very minimalistic. All you have to do is select what class you want to focus on and take a picture of notes or PowerPoint presentation. The app will immediately categorize and store the image for you and transcribe the text found on the picture.

How we built it

We used react-native (specifically Expo) to create both an Android and iOS app. This allowed all members of the team to contribute code without having a compiler or the same OS. To share code: we used Github (and attempted good branching practices).

Challenges we ran into

From the get go, we had to spend an immense amount of time trying to get the project set up and working for everyone. Most of us are pretty new to react-native so things like build errors, merge conflicts, and lock files gave us pretty huge headaches (George actually ended up almost dying from a headache on the first day).

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

What we learned

What’s next for Noted

There is still a lot of potential ideas that can be added to this app. Here is a few:

Clone and get up and running

What you need first

Installation Clone the repo (or use Github Desktop)

$ git clone

Use a terminal and cd into the project folder

$ cd noted

Use yarn to install stuff

$ yarn install

Run that app yo!

$ yarn start

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This project is licensed under the MIT license - see the file for details