Hi! I'm George Thayamkery. I am an aggie who codes.

I am proficient in Python, Java, Node JS, React, Next.JS, Firebase, and more. I hope to create meaningful products and expand my knowledge in Computer Science.

I'm an undergrad computer science student at Texas A&M University, College Station.


Allowing schools, communities, and computer science lovers to make teams and host coding competitions. Currently this is being piloted by teachers and students from 10+ schools in the Dallas area. In 2017, Codescrim was the primary tool that was used by 100+ contestants in The Codecember Coding Competition.

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The easiest and prettiest way to check your grades from Home Access Center. I successfully ran Graded for 3 years, reached 30,000+ daily active users. Graded was aquired by Sleeker App Studios in 2018.

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