Howdy, I'm George!

You can find me writing software for AWS sales people.

I am experienced with Python, Java, Node JS, React, Next.JS, Firebase, and more. I hope to create meaningful products and expand my knowledge in Computer Science.


The easiest and prettiest way to check your grades from Home Access Center.
I successfully ran Graded for 3 years, reached 30,000+ daily active users. Graded was aquired by Sleeker App Studios in 2018.

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[Solarbitrage 2022] Created an arbitrage trading bot that trades cryptocurrency on the Solana Blockchain. Created as part of a Senior Capstone course I took in Spring 2022.

[Highlight 2022] Part-time engineering work for Highlight.

[TAMU Datathon 2021] Lead a Data Science/Machine Learning Hackathon for 400 students.

[HowdyHack 2021] Hosted a workshop on creating Web APIs with Python.

[Amazon 2021] Interned at Amazon on the Fire OS Multimedia Team (Lab 126). Created a camera driver for Fire TV devices that allows customers to use wireless cameras with third party camera/video-conferencing apps.

[LyRec 2021] Created a song recommender using Lyrics for the Recommender Systems course I took in Spring 2021.

[TAMU Datathon 2020] Created apps and websites to make the hacker experience great even while virtual.

[soul-patch] Created a little HTML templator library that works off of html attributes. Used to hydrate data into exported webflow projects.

[Audible 2020] Interned at Audible on the Voice Experience Team. Created an Alexa Skill to let people discover deals from Audible.

[TAMUhack 2020] Top 6 Projects, Winner of Microsoft Sponsor Challenge, and Winner of Gartner Sponsor Challenge.

[HackTX 2019] Won the PwC Sponsor Challenge.

[TAMU Datathon 2019] Created models to predict rig failures for the ConocoPhilips challenge.

[Audible 2019] Interned at Audible on the Homestead team. Worked on audiobook discovery on

[TAMUctf 2019] Won 1st place in freshman bracket, 8th out of all TAMU students.

[TAMUhack 2019] Won the MLH Best use of Google Cloud Platform award.

[TAMU Fall 2018] Helping with Jade, a better bus app for Texas A&M.

[TAMU Fall 2018] Started my college journey at Texas A&M #whoop.

[Nepris Summer 2018] Worked as a UI developer for Nepris.

[Senior Year] Made an app that connects gamers for a final project.

[Senior Year] Made a galaga clone using XNA for my video game design class.

[Senior Year] Made a food related video game using java.

[Senior Year] Organized Codecember 2017, a coding competition for students.

[Purch] Programmed features for the ShopSavvy iOS app.

[qsearcher] Made a small quizlet term scraper.

[UTD Battle of the Brains] Participated in UTD Spring Coding competition.

[CodeDay 2017] Won "0 to 60" award.

[Purch] Made a framework for generating media apps using Cordova.

[CodeDay 24hr Code Jam] Made the ridiculous game, ButtonSmash.

[RHS CS Team] Made a Programming point system.

[RHS CS Team] Competed in Frisco ISD FirstBytes.

[Graded] Created Graded, A better way to check grades.

[Nepris] Interned at Nepris Inc and helped design web pages.

[AndroSensorGTK] A small python script that imported gyroscope rotation data into Blender 3D.

[CS1] Created InfinityStairs, a small yet fun java game.